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What Else Do You Need?

Balloon Accessories

We are able to offer you the correct accessories for your branded balloon order. We will chat to you about what your goals are and how you intend to use your balloons. From the information we gather we can then recommend the accessories you will need to get the most impact from your branded balloons.

Here are the most commonly used items.

balloon accessories
Balloon Ribbon Rolls

Ribbons are available to match almost all our balloon colours. Rolls are 450 metres long.

balloon accessories
Pre-Cut Ribbon with Balloon Clips

Match balloon colours perfectly so your custom printed balloons have a professional look.

balloon accessories
Balloon Saddles with Sticks

Stick and saddle combos help balloons stand upright. They are simple to use and great for kids, with no assembly required.

balloon accessories
Air-Filled Balloon Display Stands

The perfect addition to trade shows or expos. Air fill your balloons, attach them to balloon saddles and then display them on this stand.

balloon accessories
Electric Air Inflator

This machine is purpose-built for inflating balloons and has an on/off rocker switch for continuous use.

balloon accessories
Balloon Hand Pump

Easy to operate and store. This pump has a solid barrel movement so it’s robust and durable.