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Did You Know?

Our Branded Balloons Are 100% Latex & Biodegradable

At Quick Print Balloons, we understand that some types of balloons can have a negative impact on the planet.

This is why we have joined with PEBA, the Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance, to combat plastic waste caused by some types of balloons.

Quick Print Balloons’ Custom Printed Balloons are:

100% latex

100% biodegradable

Printed without the use of harsh chemicals

To encourage the safe use of balloons, we do not condone or facilitate deliberate balloon releases. We also support PEBA’s ‘Pin it, Bin it’ campaign, which encourages balloon users to dispose of balloons thoughtfully.

Custom printed biodegradable balloons

More Information

About Latex Balloons

Latex balloons ARE NOT plastic. They are a plant-based product, made from natural rubber harvested from rubber tree plantations, which are a renewable resource.

Leading manufacturers harvest their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations.

Because latex balloons are made from natural rubber, they do breakdown. We encourage our clients to always dispose of balloons after using them and to avoid letting them blow away to prevent any possible risk or harm to wildlife.


How To Be A

Better Balloon User

Improve your business’s green rating with a planet-friendly approach to balloons.

Avoid cheap plastic balloons. These burst easily and do not degrade naturally. Choose latex balloons instead.

Ask your provider about the ink they use and whether or not it is environmentally friendly.

When you inflate balloons outside, be sure to attach them to balloon saddles so they don’t blow away.

‘Pin it and Bin it’. Pop your balloons when you have finished with them and dispose of them thoughtfully.

Talk to your customers and remind them to be careful with their balloons.

Tie helium balloons to children’s wrists so they do not let them go.

Avoid the practice of balloon releases completely.

Check your supplier is part of the Balloon Artists & Suppliers Association of Australia.